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Nina Peters

Breath - The Magic of Mantra

Mantra is a way dive into the single pointed focus that is meditation. If you have ever had trouble sitting quietly to meditate this method can help you get your shift together! Mantra is connected into the powers of breath work, sound healing and soothing ones frazzled nervous system. In this workshop, Nina will lovingly guide you to gently open your heart as you connect to your own powerful breath and sound. Creating vibrations of connection, healing and integration throughout your body and soul.

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Ceo and Founder of Nourishing Peace, Nina is an embodied energy management mentor. Facilitating Flow breath, Meditation, Energy work and Yoga, she is able to help guide you to take a hold of your life and get your shift together. Having spent her life seeking out ways to help people, She has learned through the school of hard knocks what it takes to become lovingly aware, forgiving and compassionate of herself and others. In doing the work, she realizes how important it is to have many teachers through this journey. She is ecstatic to join a team of amazing embodied souls in order to help others navigate their way through the chaos that can be life.

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