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Welcome Healers and Artisans

We deeply value our market vendors and  healers recognize that your presence is a integral part of the overall experience for our guests. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support of this festival. Your contributions play a crucial role in creating a truly unforgettable and magical event.

Thank you for being here.

Share Your Story

We want to build excitement and anticipation for your arrival!

Could you share a brief introduction about yourself and your business? We'd love to hear more about your products and services. What can our guests expect to see and experience?

Your description will help us create a buzz and get everyone excited.


Please take a moment to fill out the form.

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Vendor Agreement

Gates open 5pm Friday.

Vendors are not required to set up Friday, but you are welcome to if you choose.

We’d like all vendors to be in place by 10 Am Saturday morning.

We expect vendors to be available to guests until at least 4 PM, considering closures for needed breaks. You are encouraged to bring a companion so that you may sit in for each other in order to participate for choice events.

Once all workshop, events and entertainment wrap up Saturday night, guests will be encouraged to return to the camping area, however monitoring of the festival grounds will be limited.

You are encouraged to secure your merchandise, but you may use your discretion.

Items may be packed up and placed into a locked secure building on site during the night.

Sunday morning vendors are expected to set up by 10 AM.

The festival events will be completed by 5 PM on Sunday.

The gates will be closed at 8 PM.

Tents are not provided.

Please consider weather possibilities when preparing.

To prevent cancellations and ensure that our festival marketplace is not impacted unexpectedly, we need confirmation that you will attend.

Vendors are required to pay non-refundable vendor fees ahead of time.  You will be sent a link to make your payment once your application has been approved.

Vendor Fee $75

Healer Fee $75 

Deadline for submission is July 15.

Thank you for applying!

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