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This is Where the Magic Happens

The Sakred Circles festival brings together the women in our neighbouring regions to join in arms while we learn from amazing facilitators for a journey into ourselves.

Together we step forward into sisterhood.

In the sanctuary of the Sakred Circles Festival, we invite you to a place where the daily grind and the weight of responsibilities dissolve into the ether, where the act of giving is balanced with the art of receiving. Here, amidst the ancient whispers of the northern boreal forest, you are free to explore, play, and rediscover your wild, sacred femininity.

This festival is a celebration of growth, vulnerability, and the powerful alchemy of women supporting women. It's a haven designed for you to let go, to peel away the layers of expectation and convention, and to connect deeply with your inner wildness. Imagine workshops and circles where laughter, tears, and breakthroughs weave together, creating a tapestry of transformation.

Embark on a journey, where the chains of routine are unlocked, and the spirit of wild, sacred femininity roams free. In this sanctuary, nestled within the heart of the northern boreal forest, we invite you to shed the weight of responsibility and rediscover the joy of exploration and connection.

What to Expect:

  • Immersive Workshops: Engage in sessions ranging from yoga to creative arts, all designed to awaken your inner wild woman.

  • Healing Practices: Experience the power of healing circles and rituals that nurture the body and soul.

  • Community Connection: Join a circle of supportive women, celebrating sisterhood and mutual growth in a safe, empowering environment.

  • Nature's Embrace: Let the serene beauty of the forest envelop you, providing the perfect backdrop for a weekend of rejuvenation and discovery.

This festival is a heartfelt invitation to let go, to reconnect with your essence, and to embrace the magic of femininity together. Come and experience the transformative power of gathering with women, wild and free, and leave feeling exhilarated, ready to embrace the magic of your true self.


Jen P.

The Festival was transformative. I witnessed beautiful connections, and experienced the sense of community and of being surrounded and supported by a village. At nearly 8 months pregnant, I felt uplifted by the Sisterhood, and ignited with joy."
  • Does the festival receive funding?
    Yes, we receive a small amount of funding through sponsors and received grants.
  • Where does the proceeds go?
    We donate a portion of our proceeds to local women's services and sponsor a handful of tickets to women who would benefit from the experience but who could not attend otherwise.
  • Will there be a marketplace?
    Yes! Support the talented female artisans that will be set up in the Market. Make sure to bring cash, as there will not be electronic payment services available.
  • Can I sponsor the festival?
    Yes please! , We would love to discuss sponsorship opportunities with you. To receive our sponsorship package, please email us at
  • What kind of accommodations can I expect?
    A few options are available to you which are included in your ticket price: - Pre-book a space in one of the log dormitories. - Camping is available in the adjacent campground with shuttle services. - VIP ticket holders have access to camp on-site in the field area of the festival grounds.
  • Can I receive 1:1 sessions with Healers?
    Yes, visit mystics and healers in the Healers Village, a series of tents with comfortable seating areas, where they may offer one and one services.
  • Do I need to bring food?
    Yes, please bring your own food. There will be food vendors available at the festival, but it is not included in your ticket price. Make sure to bring cash, as there will not be electronic payment services available.
  • Can I set up my camp early?
    Reach out to us if you plan to come before Friday!
  • Where is the festival taking place?
    Nestled in the boreal forest on North shore of Cameron Lake, our festival takes place at the Outdoor Education Centre in Hudson's Hope, BC.
  • Are there day passes available?
    We recommend you immerse yourself in this experience and come for the full weekend event. We promise you won't regret it!
  • What about alcohol and other party favors?
    We will not be serving alcohol at the event. Though we feel the event is exciting enough, if you choose to add to your experience, please do so in a responsible manner.
  • Can I get tarot readings at the festival?
    Visiting the Healers Village, you may find mystics providing tarot readings and oracle services.
  • Can clothing be optional?
    We want you to feel comfortable! Be covered and cozy, wear a fancy costume, or channel your inner cavewoman! There's no judgement here. However, if you wish to be more low-key, there's a safe space just for you.
  • Can I apply to present at the festival?
    Yes! Applications are still open, head over to Present / Perform | Sakred Circles
  • Can I sell my creations at the festival?
    Yes, we would love to invite you to share your wonderful artisan creations. If you would like to be a vendor please apply on our website here: Marketplace & Healers Village | Sakred Circles
  • What does the activity schedule look like?
    Our schedule isn't out yet, but arrive Friday evening and join in the festivities. On Saturday, there will be opening ceremony, workshops throughout the day to choose from. Talented musicians and a bumping DJ will have you dancing into the moonlight. Complete the evening by decorating your self and dance until dawn at our Glow party. On Sunday, there will be more workshops and presentations to choose from. The festival will end on Sunday with the closing ceremony at 5 pm. A full schedule will be announced soon.
  • Who should attend?
    This festival journey is for every women who longs for a deeper immersive experience, reconnecting within and accessing their unique energy.
  • Is there a shuttle available?
    Yes, the event is approximately 15 minutes from Hudson's Hope. A shuttle will run once in the morning and twice in the evening. The shuttle will also be running on a regular basis back and forth to the campground throughout the festival!
  • What is the venue like?
    Nestled in the boreal forest on the North shore of Cameron Lake, the venue is home to a number of beautiful log buildings, 2 beautiful lakes to explore, a number of hiking trails and all the wonders of nature.
  • When is the festival?
    The festival will be taking place August 9th-11th, 2024.
  • I'm a healer, can I provide my services to other guests?
    Yes, you can have a space in the Healers Village, where you can offer one and one services to our guests. Apply to be at our festival here: Marketplace & Healers Village | Sakred Circles
  • Will campfires be allowed?
    This will be dependent on the provincial fire bans at the time of the festival. If it is allowed, we will have a communal campfire. We will not allow individual fires throughout the grounds. Propane fire bowls are permitted, please use them carefully. In the adjacent campground, there is a firepit available in each space.
  • What is in place for health and safety?
    Please be personally responsible for yourself when recreating around the woods at the festival. Though we don't foresee any accidents happening, we will have a First Aid Attendant on site.
  • Is there a refund policy?
    The cost of our tickets go to the planning and operation of the festival. We are sorry you can't make it, but refunds are not available. You may however, transfer your ticket to someone else. Please contact us make these changes.
  • I can't afford a ticket , but I wish to participate.
    Volunteer! For donating a small amount of your time, before, during or after the festival, you can be 100% reimbursed for you ticket. Our volunteers benefit from loads of other perks too. Apply now. If you can't afford to purchase your ticket ahead of time, but want to volunteer, please contact us.
  • Can I bring my children?
    If you're nursing a tiny human (2 years or under), please feel free to bring them. You will not require an additional ticket for children 2 and under. If possible, please leave older kids at home, this festival is aimed for women aged 13 and over. You deserve a child-free weekend to yourself, Mama!
  • I am a mystic, can I set up a space for oracle readings?
    Yes, you can have a space in the Healers Village, where you can offer one and one services to our guests. Apply to be a part of this wonderful festival at: Marketplace & Healers Village | Sakred Circles
  • Can I volunteer?
    Yes! We need the magic of our volunteers to make this special experience happen. Donate a small amount of your time, before, during or after the festival and you can be 100% reimbursed for you ticket! Our volunteers benefit from loads of other perks too. Apply now. If you can't afford to purchase your ticket ahead of time, but want to volunteer, please contact us.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Although we love your fury friends, this event is not for them. Please leave them at home this weekend.
  • What is included in the ticket price?
    Pure Magic! The weekend will be full of presentations and workshops that you can take part in as part of your ticket price. Participate in active art projects, movement, healing, and spiritual activities. Accommodations are also included in the ticket price with a variety of options to choose from.
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