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Kaylin Kowalyshyn

Unleashing Your Inner Child

Unleash your inner child and tap into your creative magic, inner power, and ultimately rediscovering the JOY of this human experience.

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Kaylin is a singer songwriter, barefoot adventurer, solo traveller, lover of love and this human experience. She sees a big shift coming, and we have been struggling through a hard reorientation over the last few years. We are seeing a trend of disconnect in so many ways. Through music, and Kaylin's travels she have been blessed to be actively exploring ways for us to encourage more connection within ourselves and our community. We need each other and we need ourselves! We have so much power within us already. This is her way of giving back what she's learned through an on going journey of music and life. Kaylin has lots to share, not only with her music, but also with Art and Therapy, mixed together. Together we will be creating something that will turn into something so beautiful and full of expression.

IG: KaylinkMusic

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