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Jasta Dickson

Registered Holistic Health Coach

Energy Work, Bodywork, Yoga & Connecting with Nature


Jasta was born in the Peace Country and health, fitness and movement have been a part of her DNA. A mother, wife, leadership & health coach, yoga teacher, group fitness leader, studio owner, even an environmental
consultant; she wears many hats and has many trainings, but her passion lies in leadership coaching, energy work, bodywork, yoga and connecting with nature.  

Jasta floated in and out of these practices for years, but it wasn't until she joined a Studio Team as a yoga & fitness teacher in 2016 in Kelowna BC did she dive deeper into subtle practices of yoga, meditation and energy work and in 2017 she completed her Holistic Health Coaching Certification and became an anchor in the studio. She always wanted to take her yoga training and so when the opportunity knocked, she dropped everything and embarked on a journey of self discovery in Tofino BC. This is where she found herself becoming more authentic through challenging herself and accepting the deep dive yoga training offered.

She recognizes the shift that will occur through consistently showing up in an authentic way and became deeply curious about herself. Through this shift, she has helped others look inward and has helped them exercise the tools she has used to become the best version of herself. She created a Holistic Coaching Program based on her experience in getting curious with herself and deeply believes in the power of emotional intelligence, accountability, and courage.  She offers, 1:1 Coaching, Emotional Intelligence Workshops & Assessments, Energy Clearing, Private & Public Yoga Classes & Self Exploratory Retreats.

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