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Healers Village




Art, Movement and Healing

We are so honoured to have such incredible facilitators guide us through creative, healing and powerful self development. We look forward to the grand return of many of these teachers and to the many new faces that come to lead us.

Together we rejoice as sisters

The Wild Women Grow festival brings together the women in our neighbouring regions to join in arms while we learn from amazing facilitators for a journey into ourselves.

Together we step forward into sisterhood.

When we remove the chains of mundane life;

when we shed the weight of all our responsibilities;

when we stop giving all of ourselves away;


...this is when women feel free to play and explore!!!


When we feel safe to be vulnerable, this is when we grow!!!


When we feel supported by other women, this is when we make magic!!


This festival is curated specifically for women to come and LET GO in order to

Reconnect To Your Sacred Wild Femininity.


There are endless options for each woman. The northern boreal forest will be the perfect healing container for you to let your inner Wild Woman loose for a weekend.


Come feel the magic of women while they gather wild and free and leave feeling so turned on to be the magic woman you are. 

Market and Creativity Centers

Artists and artisans. Let creativity flow and bedazzle at the handmade creations from our amazing local artisans.

Together We Grow

This gathering was exactly what we've all been craving in our hearts. A safe space for women to connect to themselves, each other, and our Momma Earth. 

Through workshops, strong female leadership and vulnerability we opened our hearts, moved our bodies, and healed what needed to be healed.  

Cups are overflowing after our weekend together, submerged deep in sacred sistership, held in a container of boreal forest!!! We did what women do best: we danced, created beautiful art, shared our hearts, laughed, cried, and held each other. We Embodied  instantaneous healing that happens when women gather. We were blessed with Momma Earth medicine, as we walked around barefoot, blessed with bear energy as one passed through camp and blessed with cleansing thunder showers each afternoon! Overwhelming joy, mixed with triumphant exhaustion are present now as we process and integrate the experiences from the weekend. 

A few important Thank Yous...


Thank you Aislynn for being our rock and to all the Outstanding volunteer support! Angela, Orlanthia and Nicole.. you went above and beyond and we truly value your support. 

Thank you Cait for being an excellent multi-tasking, music making giver of warm hugs and great food. 

Thank you to the many facilitators that made this festival so full of wonderment.

We healed, we moved, we flowed with power and wonder and creativity. 

Big thanks to Dirty Little Kitchen, Lorissa Scriven and Jenna Loren. A real “feel good” night with amazing talent.

A Great BIG Thank You
to last year's sponsors!

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