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Jasta Dickson

Jasta Dickson is a Registered Holistic Emotional Health Coach & Facilitator and owner of NRG Fusion Studio. She teaches vinyasa yoga and fitness, blending modalities like breathwork, somatics, Pilates, and group fitness to help students connect with their bodies. With a focus on support, safety, and transformation, Jasta's high-energy classes empower students to cultivate self-awareness and inner peace.


Nicole Pemberton

Nicole has over 25 years experience holding space and facilitating experiences for humans from various spaces, cultures, and ages. Her intention is to always create a safe and inclusive space so that humans can do their deep work with discovery, curiosity, playfulness, and alchemic elevated transformation.


Carla Wainwright

Carla is a beacon of empowerment and healing, passionately guiding individuals to unlock their fullest potential through transformative practices. Her journey as a Creatrix, holistic healer, and advocate for the sacred feminine intertwines with her dedication to exploring the depths of self through movement, breath, and Tantra.


Kristin Wright

Kristin is a Sex, Love and Relationship Coach In her work she loves to coach women into greater self acceptance, body love and the experience of ecstasy and pleasure like never before. Her heart felt intention is to gently remove any limitations, fears and contractions around one's sexuality, heart and relationships to reveal the wholeness and health that was always there.


JJ Schmidt

Introducing our vibrant fitness leader, JJ Schmitt, a passionate advocate for holistic wellness. Specializing in Shakti Dance, JJ is dedicated to awakening the soul through movement and mindfulness. Join her in a transformative journey to embrace your inner strength and ignite your soul's passion.


Michele Rose

Michele is a dedicated Ayurveda Health Counsellor with a passion for health and wellness. She embraces a holistic approach to support individuals in achieving optimal health. Michele enjoys combining her varied training and teachings to tailor her approach to meet the specific needs of each person she works with. Through Ayurveda, she values and respects the uniqueness of each individual.


Emily Mattingsley

Discover the power of Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) for holistic health and contraception. Emily empowers you with accurate information and loving guidance. Learn to trust and manage your cycle naturally. Join Emily in person at Sakred Circles and pave new pathways towards vibrancy and fulfillment as reverence for the Feminine rises again.


Brittany Filipettii

Yoga and chanting are Brittanys medicine and she is excited to share it with you as we heal and transcent together. We gather in sisterhood to learn the basics of chanting the yoga sutras and becoming familiar with how chanting calms our nervous system. You will get out of your head and into your body. Into the present moment. If you are looking for that change you want to see in the world it starts here.


Kelly Coulter

Kelly Coulter. I am a writer, advisor, community organizer and Menopause Doula (in training). I am currently conducting menopause workshops in Victoria and will be launching a menopause focused podcast in the future. I am a trained communicator who believes strongly in the importance of women sharing knowledge and experiences.


Michelle Cunningham

Michelle has been doing Moon Lodges for over 17 years. It is a space of ceremony and healing. Learning to navigate one’s journey connecting to your true essence. This years workshop will focus on connecting to the inner child that needs attention and healing in a fun interactive workshop.

In the Drum making workshop you will create your own special sacred drum. Chris and Michelle will lead the group through the creation of their drums as well as teach about the medicine framework they follow. Your beautiful drum will be created in sacred space and blessed by the morning sun and smudging ceremony.


Erin Steward

Erin has been teaching yoga for the past 6 years. She like to bring a very light hearted approach to her classes, and invites all her students to show up as themselves. Erin fosters a safe environment for everyone and holds space for each of her students. Mental Health is a HUGE part of her why and she always wants her students to leave feeling supported and calm.


Robyne Shea

Robyne is passionate about exploring the impact of clean eating on our overall well-being, particularly for individuals living with ADHD. She'll share practical tips and strategies on how to use food as a tool to manage the highs and lows of ADHD, providing you with the energy and vitality you need to thrive.


Katie Potratz

Katie Potratz is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Pain Reprocessing Therapist, and Bestselling Author. Through deep subconscious reprogramming, she guides her clients on a journey of healing ranging from anxiety and trauma to self-worth, and even chronic pain. In her book, The Uncaged Mind, she shares the magnitude of the subconscious mind, and how our conditioned beliefs keep us stuck in patterns of shame, fear, and pain. Katie is passionate about empowering individuals to harness their own ability to heal themselves and create a wildly fulfilling life.

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Leeah Lucas

Leeah is a proud mi'kmaq and Cree woman who has studied herbalism and foraging since she was a child with my mushum (grandfather). With the knowledge passed down to her and from numerous courses she has taken in herbal remedies, she has cultivated special blended tea's, tinctures and salves. Leeah also has over 13 years experience as a medium, tea and tarot reader.


Nina Peters

Nina Peters, Founder of Nourishing Peace, is a certified facilitator of Meditation, Breath work, Reiki, and Yoga. She has made the Peace Country her home since 2008 and established a breath and meditation studio in Fort St John in 2022. With a passion for connecting with others, she shares the tools that have transformed her life, helping individuals find balance and harmony. As an embodied energy management mentor, she guides clients through Flow breath, Meditation, Energy work, and Yoga to take control of their lives and find inner peace.


Catherine Herbison

Catherine is a mother who has a profound passion for creating art and crafting everyday moments. She discovered macrame, which sparked a journey towards a bohemian lifestyle. Her booth, filled with soft, pre-loved clothing and fibre art, is a testament to her creative expression. Catherine finds immense joy in crafting, teaching, and embracing comfort – it's a way for her to connect with others and share her love for the artistic process.


Melissa Klassen

Melissa Klassen, a multi-talented artist from Dawson Creek, BC. As a professional visual artist, she brings her creative energy to the forefront by teaching and facilitating art classes and paint nights for groups of up to 50 people. When not inspiring others through art, Melissa pours her soul into her own abstract fine art pieces, which are her true passion. In her free time, she also enjoys crafting soy candles and creating intricate henna hand art, showcasing her eclectic and artistic personality. Join Melissa at the festival and let her infectious creativity spark your own artistic journey!


Raeanna Layfield

Raeanna Layfield, owner/operator of foraging with you. A wild food company, Chef inspired. Raeanna teaches foraging tours, cooking classes, and goddess circles to connect people back to nature and to themselves. Previously yoga teacher, and Chef, she brings both of those aspects into her nature based workshops.

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