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Wild Women Grow

5-6 August 2023

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I honour you.
I stand with you and for you.
We are one. 

Are you prepared to rediscover the true meaning of embracing the feminine self? 


Are you ready to stir your feminine spirit from her slumber?


Do you feel prepared to fully embody the essence of womanhood?

We hear the call from deep within our bodies and bones, beckoning us to embark on a journey to rediscover ourselves.

This longing is shared by all of us. It is now more important than ever that we come together in sacred circles, surrounded by women who uplift and support us, as we embark on this quest to rediscover our innate beauty, wisdom, and power.

Beloved Woman

you have arrived to find the awakening that your soul is yearning for.

A desire to be more embodied and expressed, and to let life fill you and radiate from within you.

We feel it!

                  Do you?



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Nestled into the beautiful boreal, we gather as sisters to release ourselves to healing, connection, wisdom, growth and rejoice.


We celebrate each other and hold space for one another. This sacred experience will radiate light in all the days to follow.


Our sisters leave feeling rejuvenated, embodied, open-hearted and connected. 


This is a gathering of remarkable female presenters who are here to guide us with their valuable experience. They hold circles, provide healing, teach valuable skills, and empower us with knowledge. They uplift us and teach us how to support each other.

Together we...

We move, sing, and be still while we journey yet into the deepest center of ourselves.


We dive into creativity among artists and birth ideas and inspiration, color and expression.


We mingle and and move through bu to the music of talented female musicians.


We spend time in nature and feel the blessings of our earth mother.


We cruise at our own paces, selecting our own personal journeys from the fulfilling span of workshops and activities available to us!

It won't be long now until we open this space to greet our sisters, to gather in circle and deliver ourselves to this sacred moment.


Jen P.

The Festival was transformative. I witnessed beautiful connections, and experienced the sense of community and of being surrounded and supported by a village. At nearly 8 months pregnant, I felt uplifted by the Sisterhood, and ignited with joy."

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