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Amber Rosario

EFT Tapping Relief for the Warrior

EFT Tapping workshop  for your warrior to be held.


Amber was born and raised in the North, her hippy heart was ignited while living in Victoria for a period of time until the blue skies and sunshine called her home where she shares life with her family as a Mama to two girls.


A singer-songwriter deep within her soul, Amber knows the power of using your own voice to heal and has come to understand the relief and release experienced by combining this with EFT Tapping.


Recognizing the impact Tapping had in her own world it was important for her to share this with others that were reaching for a way to process daily life and regulate their emotions while on a gentle path to self-discovery.  


As a Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner Amber is a down to earth deep feeling heart that loves random tangents, and a good conversation. 

IG: peacebypeacetapping

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