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Natasha Bodei / Candice Staniek

Holy Fire Reiki Activation

Moon Ceremony

Join Candice and Natasha for a transformative journey into healing the womb with natural medicine, sound and a Holy Fire Reiki Activation. They will take you on a journey of personal empowerment to discover your inner truth and sacred feminine. There is so much medicine in being a woman and coming into that inner wisdom during our cycles can create mastery in our lives.   Candice will help you understand your menstrual cycle and how to use the phases in a more powerful way, as well as share how to avoid PMS and menopausal symptoms. The menstrual cycle is one to be cherished.


Natasha works with Universal energies and is a leader in moon-based ceremonies. She will use sound, her voice and intuitive abilities to guide you through a beautiful process to activate your inner temple with the assistance of her guides and angels.  You will be taken through a deep sound journey, guided meditation and activation through the lower three chakras that will align you to step into the highest, most authentic version of yourself.


Together they will create a sacred ceremony of feminine energy, divine love and sacred truth.


Candice and Natasha are excited to share their wisdom and knowledge with you as they hold this beautiful and safe container for all those who attend.


Natasha is a skilled and gifted healer, teacher, intuitive, and mentor. Her passion for helping others started many years ago, and she draws upon personal experiences and substantial learning to facilitate growth and transformation.   Natasha’s philosophy is simple yet profound: everything we encounter is learning, and we can shift our relationship with our experiences to heal family systems, generate success, and heal our physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. Natasha is living proof that difficulties can be overcome, and she is open to sharing her successes, challenges, hopes, and triumphs to humanize the process of change and help you be the You
of your dreams.  Working with Natasha will change your life for the better. She has taken her challenges in life and created something beautiful within herself to help others on their journey. Natasha helps you to look within yourself to rewrite your limiting beliefs and transform your reality. Healing can come in many ways, and Natasha believes the first step is wanting the shift to happen. Only then can you connect to the true nature of who you
are and embrace it! Resistance is only fear of not wanting to flourish, and with Natasha, you will effortlessly overcome it.   


To facilitate your healing journey,  Natasha has aligned with teachers and training that have helped her heal those deep wounds. She has training in Family Constellations (Inner child and healing the mother and father wound), Intuitive Eating Disorder Therapy, Nutrition, Addictions, Breathwork, Meditation, Intuitive Writing, Reiki and Sound Healing. Natasha deeply loves connecting with nature and is a leader in moon- based ceremonies. Natasha draws in the energies from the Divine to help you connect with the many levels of spirit and support available. When Natasha isn’t helping others, you will find her with her family and fur babies, writing, reading, creating, connecting and spending her time outside in nature.

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Dr. Candice Staniek is a gifted healer, intuitive, naturopathic doctor and Positive Intelligence coach. She is well known for her ‘free-style’ approach, out-of-box thinking to wellness, and leading the health- conscious movement. Her personal philosophy is that we are multi- dimensional beings, so she considers multiple reasons why someone
might not be feeling well. She is a truth-seeker and has been practicing mindfulness and studying health for over 15 years. Her wisdom and intuition allow her to quickly synthesize several layers of one’s well-being into a fast-tracked, comprehensive plan. Her methodology is one of wholeness while working with the body’s innate wisdom to heal. She has been published in two collaborative books, Sharpe Magazine and Womanition Magazine.

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