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Festival Information

House Keeping And General Info

Gates open 8am each day and close 10pm Saturday and 6pm Sunday.

We encourage everyone to come get started early Saturday morning as camping spaces are first come, first serve.

Parking: There is a small parking lot for day parking, campers may park along the roadway to the field. Vehicles towing trailers may leave them in the field with the unit. Over flow will be along a roadway. It's narrow, tuck in tight. 

Best option for parking... CARPOOL! 

A shuttle will be made available from Hudson's Hope to the Festival. Watch for the schedule to be posted.

There will be a maps and schedules on the website and posted around grounds for reference.

Schedule To Be Announced...

Food and Drink

There will be a variety of food and non alcohol drink vendors on the grounds. They will be displayed on our website. It’s a good idea to bring some of your own food also. Especially if you have dietary restrictions. Pack a cooler with ice and some snacks/ easy breakfast items/ trail mix/ fresh fruits and veggies.

There is potable water available in the lodge to refill your bottles and jugs. The vendors will also be selling disposable water in bottles.


This is a dry event. No alcohol will be served.


If you choose to drink in your tent or trailers please do so responsibly. But keep the substances in the camping area. Substances are prohibited where the festival is commencing. 

What to Bring
  •  A festival bag, basket or tote.

  • Weather appropriate clothing.

  • Water and snacks

  • Sun protection.

  • Reusable water bottles are encouraged.

  • CASH! Many vendors are going to be cash only. Prepare for that

Where can I sleep?
  • There is a large field for tents and camper trailers. Please note: NO hookups available.

  • There are bunk style dorms available to a limit of 45 guests. Mats only. Bring Bedding

  • Provincial and Municipal campsites with hookups are near by but you’ll have to book those on your own and well in advance!

  • If you're not into camping, hotels are your next best option.

What not to Bring
  • Pets

  • Illegal drugs. Zero tolerance anywhere on the grounds.

  • Negative attitudes. 

Festival Rules

  • No smoking anywhere but designated areas. Please dispose of remains respectfully.

  • Excessive alcohol use will not be tolerated. 

  • No pets please. We love your doggies, but this fest isn't for them.

  • Aggressive, harmful, violent behaviour will not be tolerated, and any person/people participating will be evicted from the grounds without refunds.

Field Camping and RVs

Free field camping is available during the festival. Early camping is available from Friday June 24th after 6 PM. Early camping passes will come available May 1st and can be purchased for $20.


For those intending to sleep in vehicles, we ask that you purchase an early camping pass or arrive before 9 AM on Saturday. Campers will be expected to carry items from vehicles in the parking lot after 9 AM Saturday morning.

All camper trailers and RVs are expected to purchase the early camping pass and have trailers parked in the field prior to the festival beginning at 9 AM Saturday morning. We are encouraging such to prevent vehicles driving through the festival grounds once we begin.

Thank you for your consideration

Dormitory Accommodations

Dormitory beds are limited! We only have approximately 50 available.

Dorms are barrack style bunks with sleeping mats (some thick, some thin). You will need to bring your own bedding.


Dorm registration is first come first serve. This registration will open May 1st.

Festival Shuttle

A shuttle is available leaving from the Sportsman Inn Parking Lot and arriving at the festival grounds at various times. 

A shuttle schedule and registration will come available  July 15.

$5 per person. Cash Only

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