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Heal your body, heart and feminine spirit.


Our Sacred Circle

After years of attending a local woman’s circles, and then attending the Wild Roses Festival, Elly couldn’t turn away from the heart blasting magic she witnessed every time women gather. She needed more!! Her first woman’s circle was hosted on her own property in Charlie Lake summer of 2021 and she has been helping local women connect and heal ever since! 


When we gather and celebrate each other’s light and accomplishments and hold space for each other’s pain and grief… we re-wiring what it means to be women in this modern world . We’re healing what it has meant to be women in the past. We’re creating what it could mean for our daughters to be women of the future. 


In its essence, the circle is about healing sister-wounds, reclaiming our feminine power all while building community with like minded women!


Circles are approximately two hours in duration, and consists of a guided meditation, a somatic movement practicing (usually like yoga/dancing type of thing), and circle share, (where each woman chooses to share what’s on her heart, or just listen to others share). Often the circles are co-facilitated with uniquely talented local women. And sometimes there will be crafts that correspond with Mother Nature’s Seasons.

Seasonal snacks or beverages may also be included.

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Keep wildly loving yourselves 

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