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Dr. Candice Staniek

Healing the Womb

Personal empowerment to discover your inner truth and sacred feminine.


Dr. Candice Staniek is a gifted healer, intuitive, naturopathic doctor and Positive Intelligence coach. She is well known for her ‘free-style’ approach, out-of-box thinking to wellness, and leading the health- conscious movement. Her personal philosophy is that we are multi- dimensional beings, so she considers multiple reasons why someone
might not be feeling well.


She is a truth-seeker and has been practicing mindfulness and studying health for over 15 years. Her wisdom and intuition allow her to quickly synthesize several layers of one’s well-being into a fast-tracked, comprehensive plan. Her methodology is one of wholeness while working with the body’s innate wisdom to heal.

She has been published in two collaborative books, Sharpe Magazine
and Womanition Magazine.

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